Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ready for a Patio Party

Wow, it's been a while!  I guess it's been a great start to the summer. I've already been on a few weekend getaways and am so excited for the rest of my trips and some of my best friends' weddings! Today I wanted to share our little patio edition that got completed this spring by my husband and our good friend Tom.

This was the space about a year ago.  All marked out for the patio.

And here are some mid-project pictures.
Then the two cuties responsible for the patio, very serious about their work.  Tom works for Sculptured Earth so he has layed many patios, most probably 20 times the size of this one.
Now for the lovely afters, with all the landscaping completed around it as well. 

We extended the mulch bed out to meet the patio, so I added some ornamental grasses and annuals to fill in the empty space.

We are trying to get moss to grow in between the pavers because I love that look.  And we will also be adding a pathway using the same pavers to get to the patio..... A huge THANK YOU to Tom and my hubby for their hard work! I love this space and can't wait to have friends over around a firepit!