Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall's Here and I'm Back!

Wow, I guess I took the summer off from blogging!  Didn't mean to do that but I must have been having too much fun with weddings, bachelorette parties and trips to the Cape.  It was a wonderful summer!

Now that New England has turned to fall (well it was 80 degrees today), I'd like to give the inside of my home some attention again.  As soon as tiny white pumpkins hit the grocery stores, I bought a lot of them and started thinking about fall decor.  I like putting a bunch of them in glass containers, like this.

I love the burlap ribbon around it.  I also put a bunch in a glass lamp but those got moldy.  I don't think pumpkins should be in a closed container.  Lesson learned.
I brought out some of my fake pumpkins too, but haven't brought any Halloween stuff out yet.  Now that it's October though, I guess I should get on that.
Leaves are falling all around the pumpkins from the branch above, which is kind of cool but a bit messy.

I did some decorating outside the house as well, some mums and pumpkins on the stairs.  I'd rather stick with the potted mums than plant them since they will die in a few weeks.  The wreath is from HomeGoods.

I want to hug that weird looking gray gourd!  (It's from Whole Foods.)  Are you guys decorating for fall? 
Happy Pumpkin Season!