Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Lighting Update

This light in my kitchen has bothered me from day 1.

We have had our electrician come swap other lights out a couple times now, but I was never quite sure what to replace this one with. The idea finally came to me to switch the glass globe part with a drum shade. It took awhile to find the right size, and wasn't as cheap as I had imagined (around $40), but certainly cheaper than a new fixture and calling the electrician.

I found the right size shade on Ballard's.  I was debating between burlap and natural and decided on the natural.  Although usually I can't say no to some burlap : )

It will not stay exactly straight right now, I've been working on that.  I also do not like the view from below so I'm thinking about getting some Edison style light bulbs like these from West Elm.

Not a bad update though.  Quick and fairly cheap.  And now a look from afar.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sconce Spectacular

I bought two of these Pottery Barn sconces some time last year and planned on putting them on either side of our bed.

Well, a little over a year later they are finally up!  Our bedroom is tight so wall sconces seemed like the best option plus I love how they look.

They work great as a reading light and they give me more space on my night stand, which is already filled up with other things : )  My only complaint is that the wire will not stay straight.  All the pictures on PB show the wire going perfectly straight down and I don't know how to make this happen.  Any suggestions? 
Anyways, thanks hubby for hanging them up!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Pair of Chairs

Last week I stopped by a small home store nearby that is going out of business.  I was sad to see it go but happy to see the 50% off signs.  A chair caught my eye and I assumed it would be too expensive for my not currently working budget, however it was $374 for the pair, plus half off.  I thought that was a decent price for two chairs.  So I bought them with absolutely no idea where to put them.  Husband = Not Happy.  Since it was a going out of business sale, I had no choice but two keep my chairs with no home.  Eventually I found them a spot in our basement.  They are a little to fancy fancy for down there, but I think once I update the cushions to soemthing more fun and casual, they will look great.  And we always need extra seating down there since that's where we host football parties.  Here's how they are looking now:

What do you think?  Any ideas of what type of fabric will give these chairs a more casual feel?