Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Lighting Update

This light in my kitchen has bothered me from day 1.

We have had our electrician come swap other lights out a couple times now, but I was never quite sure what to replace this one with. The idea finally came to me to switch the glass globe part with a drum shade. It took awhile to find the right size, and wasn't as cheap as I had imagined (around $40), but certainly cheaper than a new fixture and calling the electrician.

I found the right size shade on Ballard's.  I was debating between burlap and natural and decided on the natural.  Although usually I can't say no to some burlap : )

It will not stay exactly straight right now, I've been working on that.  I also do not like the view from below so I'm thinking about getting some Edison style light bulbs like these from West Elm.

Not a bad update though.  Quick and fairly cheap.  And now a look from afar.


  1. What a smart little update! Looks great. Pretty chandelier too!

  2. I think it looks great! I love quick, easy fixes that deliver a big impact like this : )