Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Year

A new year means two things to me.  The first, is that Christmas is over and the decorations and snowmen have to come down :( .  Two, that there is a whole year full of new possibilities.  After a few months of falling in love with blogland, I promised myself that I would start a blog this year.  So here it is!

After Christmas is all tucked away in the attic, my house is ready to get redecorated!  The fireplace is always the first place that needs some attention, post garland and stockings.  This was my fireplace during the holidays.

Recently, after a bad day at work, my husband took me on a field trip to Homegoods, best medicine ever. And I picked up this gold starburst mirror, love! 

It is a little bit smaller than I would like, but it definitely makes me HomeGoods Happy for now.


  1. This looks fantastic. Cant wait for the snow to melt so you can share some of your great gardening photos!

  2. Any tips for a large fieldstone fireplace? Christmas decorations are down and it is totally bare.Your mantle is awesome!

  3. scottyb...thanks for being my first commenter! Sorry it took so long to write back, your brother sent our computer away for a long weekend.

  4. Tyler...I will be sure to share yard photos this spring. only 58 days til spring!

  5. Claire...I love this mirror for over a fireplace, but I'm not sure it will be large enough for your space.

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  6. Love the before and after kitchen pictures. Not sure I had seen the new chandlier. It looks very charming. You must have us by for dinner so we can get the full ambience!