Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Week

My Birthday week is just about winding down.  There's still a few more celebrations during birthday month, but it's mostly done, booooo.  I had a wonderful week eating good food and drinking lots of wine with my family and friends.  Also got some awesome gifts, including a HomeGoods gc, woo woo!  And these pretty flowers are from the hubby.

Besides March being my birthday month, it also means the start of Spring!  I recently tried a little experiment and I can not believe it worked.  I cut a branch off of a weeping cherry tree that we planted last year, followed some instructions I read online and two weeks later I have a blooming branch!  Here it is the day I cut it.

And here it is now.

Don't you love it?  Here are a few more pics.

Notice the snow still outside and blooms in my kitchen.  I think I'll try tackling a forsythia branch next.


  1. I'm impressed! You're so creative.

  2. What will be next on the homegoods list? Maybe I can tag along when I'm home.

  3. This is so cool, I have always wanted to try this. Very pretty. I have the faux branches because of my cat.