Monday, April 23, 2012

Crafty Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  This Saturday, my friends and I went to a huge yard sale put on by my town and then went back to my house for a day of crafts/DIY projects.  Bloody Mary's were involved as well and it was such a fun and productive day!  The project I worked on was an idea I got from Michelle's post.  Mine didn't come out as great though, the words came out messy, but I still love it.  I might try to touch it up.  The saying, Sparkle & Shine, is from a song that my husband and I love and cut our wedding cake to.  Aaaawwwwww.....  Here it is up close, messiness and all.

And here it is from further back, the further the better.

I think it is a happy addition to our mantle.  My cousin also made one of these.  It was originally her idea to make them, after she saw a similar one at HomeGoods for around $300!  Here's hers.  I love the pop of yellow. (Hard to see in this iPhone pic, but looks great in person.)

Some other projects included painting and staining two coffee tables and a wine cork board.  I'll try to get some of those pictures up soon.  I love successful Saturday's!


  1. I think both of these are precious!!! Love the sayings and the pop of yellow for sunshine : ) It was really hard to get the letters just right in terms of no smudges... did you tape the stencil down before you painted? It also helps to pull up the stencil before it dries. For some reason it dries crisper that way. And you can take a Q-tip and clean up any smudges with the wet paint. Hope that helps for next time! Although I think these are great!!! : )

  2. I also agree! SO creative!