Monday, July 30, 2012

HomeGoods Shopping Spree

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! This past Saturday, my cousin and I went on a HomeGoods spree.  We hit up 3 HomeGoods and 1 T.J. Maxx home section.  It was great! We both ended up getting a lot of good deals.  I scored a bunch of stuff for my brother-in-law's living room, which he just gave me permission to decorate.  And for myself, I got a striped rug, glass lamp, and a chevron bench. 

Let's start with this jug glass lamp, that can be opened and filled with stuff.  It is in our basement family room.  I can't wait to fill it with things like pumpkins, pinecones and maybe some seashells for right now! (Sorry for the yellowy picture.)

Then I got this rug, LOVE it.  But, big but, I have no where to put it.  I tried the basement in the couch area, but it wasn't right.  This rug is 5x8 and was on clearance for $39!  I just can't bring myself to return it.

My last significant purchase for myself, is this chevron bench.  I needed a new bench for the vanity I use in one of our extra bedrooms.  This one is comfy, cute and opens up for storage.

 It's a huge improvement over the previous stool I used, which was slowly falling apart.

Love my acquisitions.  HomeGoods made me one happy girl this weekend!

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