Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween's Here!

Halloween's here and Sandy is gone!  There's still tons of debris on the streets, but I think Trick or Treating will still be happening!

Last weekend we had a Halloween party to celebrate.  Here are some pictures of my spooky table set up.

And here I am dressed as a spider in between the food table and bar set-up, great place to be : )  My spider legs are made out of two stuffed pairs of pantyhose held on by a belt, pretty easy diy costume.

I forgot to take a close-up of the bar area, but I had red wine labeled as blood and white wine labeled as urine, I know, disgustingggg.  And my sis made some Vampire Juice that was also up there with some festive chevron straws.  Also, forgot to take pictures of all the great desserts, Frakenstein cake, owl cupcakes and graveyard trifle.  Oops.

Even though I complain about getting a Halloween costume every year, I do love the holiday.  Happy candy eating everyone!


  1. Your chandelier goes perfectly with your Halloween decor!

  2. I loved your Halloween decor!!!

  3. No mention of the girl who helped put this all together? Wow. :)