Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sorry for the Abandonment - RH Cabinet

I have abandoned my blog for a good six months! So sorry.  I have not abandoned my house though.  There are a few new furniture pieces, newly painted rooms and outdoor updates.  Today, I wanted to show you my 30th birthday gift from my husbo.  Some girls ask for jewelry, I ask for furniture.  Meet my first piece from Restoration Hardware.

It's the French Casement Sideboard.  It sits between the kitchen dining area and our living room.   Here's the spot before the piece was delivered.  We did have a small console there before that we moved to the basement.

I chose the black finish so that all my white dishes would pop. It was too much fun to style it, must have switched things around at least 10 times by now.  The white pitchers on the top left corner were the only things I bought for the cabinet.  (They're from Ikea.)  Otherwise, I had everything already.

We really needed this extra storage in the kitchen to hold all our serving ware and to use as a liquor cabinet on the bottom.  Formally, these platters were scattered in different kitchen cabinets or stuffed in drawers in a chest in the living room.  It's so nice to have everything on display and easily accessible.

The side panels are also glass so even though it is a large piece, it doesn't feel heavy in the room which I was scared about. So far, I am extremely happy with this piece and would definitely order from Restoration Hardware again, if the budget allows!

Thinking of those affected by the Marathon bombings last year.  Boston Strong

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