Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Weekend Projects

We had a busy weekend but still managed to get a few home things done. My hubby and grandfather painted a large shelf for my laundry room (pictures to come). They also hung up this Pier One mirror that I love in our basement.  I don't love how it looks against the yellow walls, but that's on the painting to do list anyways.

I also finally got to changing out a cheapo curtain rod with an oiled bronze rod.  I spray painted the original brackets so I didn't have to make new holes in the wall.

It's the little things that make me happy : )  O and I got a chance to put some of my garden creatures out in the yard.  Patiently, patiently waiting for warmer weather and blooming flowers!

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  1. Stephi, Hi!!! You parents were at my house Saturday night to play Trivia Persuit and I inquired after you, so your mom sent me your blog -- LOVE IT!!! Now that I have seen snippets of your home, can't wait for an official tour.
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    Much love - Kate Martino