Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cleaning up the Laundry Room

Yes, I am the only person who uses this room, the only person who will appreciate that it looks nice and neat now and probably the only person reading this post.  But it makes me happy.  The laundry room has been the holding spot for things we didn't know what to do with for the last year and a half.  Examples below: champagne flutes from our wedding, bouquet of ribbons from my bridal shower, a plastic bin that's supposed to go in the refridgerator?

Instead of taking down the wire shelf, I asked nonno, my carpenter grandpa, to make a wood shelf to sit on top of the existing one.  He then spray painted it black for me, with maybe a little help from my hubby.  And then I finally got around to putting stuff away and doing a little decorating (still not complete).

Now I have somewhere to hold all my vases that don't quite fit in the kitchen.  And a bonus is that they look pretty too.  I also hung some giant safety pins that I bought from Ballard Designs months and months ago, possibly a year ago.  Then I added a rug from Ballard's.

So happy with the result.  What do you think?  What could I add?


  1. ....and probably the only person reading this post. But it makes me happy.

    HAHA I had no idea you were this funny. We could have been hanging out a long time ago.

  2. I love how you updated the shelf without making holes in the walls by tearing out the existing one. I too am interested in all things house and home. Please check out my blog at

  3. What a difference that shelf makes. It looks great.