Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barn Sale

Last weekend, I went to a barn sale with my mom and sister.  I saw an ad for this sale in a local magazine.  I wasn't sure of what to expect, but my expectations were high anyways.  After driving down some windy roads with lots of pretty farm houses, we arrived at a long driveway leading to a barn.  The driveway itself was lined with goods and the barn was filled with antiques, yard sale items and some homemade crafts.  Here's a little pile of stuff we had half way through our shopping.

The chair and green vase came home with me, the bunny and set of two botanical prints were my mom's.  We ended up adding a lot more to that pile, including a few pieces of jewelry.  Everything was my mom's treat, thanks Ma!  I tried placing the chair a couple places in my house and ended up with it right by the front door.  I put a basket on it to hold our collection of mail and magazines.  This pretty baby was only 10 buckaroos!

While happily walking away from the barn with my new old chair, one more thing caught my eye.  I thought this little side table was so cute and then when I saw the $3 price tag, it was mine. 

Not exactly sure where it's going to live, but for now it's sitting next to a chair in our living room.

Barn sale success!  Huge yard sale to check out in my town this weekend, hoping the rain stays away.

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  1. Hi, this barn sale sounds great. I love the chair and the table. What town was it in? Where is the yard sale on Saturday?