Monday, May 9, 2011

April Showers bring May Flowers

There were plenty of showers in April and I'm so happy they gave way to many beautiful flowers.  Last fall was the first time I planted daffodils and tulips and it's been awesome to watch them come up.  And it was especially awesome to learn that daffodils come up year after year!  I had no clue! Here's a pic of our dogwood beginning to bloom surrounded by tulips.

I'm also excited about peonies popping up at all the local flower shops.  They're not yet in bloom over here.  But, I'm trying to surround myself with them inside.  On my kitchen table:

On the fireplace mantle (these beauties were a gift from my mom-in-law):

And then I have some white tulips that I got from a first communion this weekend in the living room.  I rearranged them of course - no baby's breath for me.

I love love love spring!  So does anyone know what May flowers bring?

Pilgrims!  Chuckle, chuckle.  That's my hubby's joke.


  1. hunny if your going to tell the joke you got to sell it.

    if april showers bring may flowers, then what do may flowers bring?....and then you hit them with it! Bam - Pilgrims!

    oh yeah...nice post

  2. haha good joke. I love the flowers!! The one i planted in my pots outside are in danger of dying becasue its so cold out there, high 40's today, on May 17th, is this a joke! Ill have to do what you did and bring more inside. I have been wondering what to put in the center of my table, i bought a hammered metal bowl and put it out for 2 days then realized i hated it. I might try a runner like you have here with the flowers in the center, i always do the flowers, but a runner adds that much more style! Looking good!

  3. Hey! Love that you have a blog too! The house looks beautiful! I haven't seen you but if I had I would have mentioned how pretty the tree with the tulips is. So looking forward to everything else starting to bloom though. We are a couple of weeks behind last Spring I think. Summer will be here soon!