Monday, January 9, 2012

Kitchen Dreams

Now that my dreamy white kitchen is almost here, I can't help but think of other improvements we can make.  Last weekend we bought new hardware for the cabinets.  Oil rubbed bronze knobs and pulls.  Kind of like these.

And now I am considering an island.  With oak cabinets it was too hard to try to coordinate an island.  But now that they are going to be white, and my kitchen table is black and distressed wood, I think this island from West Elm  might be perfect.  And if the wood legs don't look perfect, we can always paint them to match the cabinets and keep the stainless top.

To make sure it would make sense in the space and not feel too cramped, I temporarily placed an accent table in the middle of our kitchen.  The table is close to the same dimensions as the island.  So this is our kitchen right now, and yes I already put some pots on it to get the real island feel!

So far the island is working.  There is still room to get around even when the fridge, oven or dishwasher is open.  After the cabinet painting, I think that West Elm island will be coming home with us, especially at $299.  And after the cabinet redo, and the island, a backsplash will be next!

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