Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome 2012!

I am extremely excited for 2012 to get under way!  We have one trip planned so far, a couple weekend getaways in the works, and plans to paint our kitchen cabinets (seen here)!  Well, let me rephrase, we will be hiring someone to paint our cabinets, since we don't have the time, patience or confidence to do it ourselves.  I have been debating on whether to paint them a straight color or paint and glaze them.  I am pretty set on Benjamin Moore's Linen White but can't decide if I want to coat it with a bronze glaze.  Is it crazy that painted cabinets are what I'm most excited about?  I think not.  We got a great quote today, so soooon, creamy white cabinets will be all mine!

Of course my kitchen still won't be as big and beautiful as the pics above, but definite improvement :)

Happy New Year!

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