Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Stairs!

Happy New Year everyone! 

Our first almost finished project of the year, is our stairs! It took us weeks to tear off the rug on the stairs and take every last staple out, but we did it!  And I love the new look, from the top of the stairs at least.

Let me remind you of what they used to look like with the carpet.

This new look brightens up the staircase, which gets little natural light.  Plus it is so much easier to clean.  There is still work to be done on them though.  If you look from the bottom of the stairs, you can see lots of holes and marks that the staples left on the rise.  It's not that noticeable in pictures, but really bad in person.  I'm hoping to hire a painter to fill those up, repaint the trim and hopefully the entire basement.

I am definitely happy with our [my] decision to do this.  I wish we did it sooner.  And so happy the hubby joined in the fun, couldn't have done it without him : )


  1. Great job stefi. Thank you for the delicious dinner on Friday night!! Love ma

  2. The stairs look great. Why would anyone cover them.